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Folding Spine Board
X-Ray friendly. No need to remove patient. It is a good choice for search and rescue or rough-terrain operations. With plastic structure, this folding backboard is easy to disinfect. Aluminum alloy mechanical pivot makes it easy to use. Extremely durable, easy to carry.
Size and Weight :

SKED Stretcher
Small, extremely light weight, easy to carry, wide range of applications. Fire emergency rescue, deep and narrow space for the ambulance, ground ambulance in general, high
altitude rescue, chemical rescue scene of the accident.Can be horizontal or vertical lifting.
Material: made from special plastic compound
Load: about 159 kg
Temperature: -20 °C ~ 45 °C


Aluminum Alloy Foldaway Stretcher (2 fold )
Use :
ambulance, health post , village community club etc Made of high strength aluminum alloy material and waterproof leather materials. It can be folded for easy transportation and storage.
Light weight, portable, reliable , easy to carry and safe to use,
Size and Weight :

Aluminum Alloy Foldaway Stretcher(4 FOLD)
Ambulance, health post , village community club , trek and expedition etc. Made of high strength aluminum alloy material and the waterproof leather materials. It can be folded by transverse and lengthwise, with flexible handle, outrigger and handbag.
Light weight, portable, easy to carry and safe to use.
Size and Weight :


Air Splint
Widely used in emergency situation for fracture management.Made of durable vinyl, it can shape itself according to the contour of limb.It can be easily inflated in seconds.Allow the X-ray examination & avoid hurting injured soft tissue & Ease the ache The Air splints 6-Pack Kit includes a full arm, full leg, half arm, half leg, hand/wrist and foot/ankle.

BEST traction device for lower leg injury. No need to roll the patient or raise their leg when applying traction. Light weight, portable and easy to use .No need to worry about improvising incase of emergency.


Adult Head Immobilizer
For use with any stretcher to immobilize head. Prevent further damage while transporting patient.

Arm Splint
A splint with Universal capability; fold it, mold it, bend it, curve it, cut it, shape it to desired size and use. Great for splinting all extremities on small children to adults.


Scoop Stretcher
Use: ambulance , rescue
This Scoop plastic Stretcher provides superior comfort and safety to patients who need spinal immobilization. The Scooping stretcher eliminates the need for log-roll maneuvers, which significantly decreases movement to the cervical spine.
Lightweight, high impact composite material, interlocking pieces,easy-to clean,X-ray translucent,thermally- treated polymer construction does not get too hot or cold, allowing for greater patient comfort, adjustable length options accommodate patients of different heights,use in confined space immobilization.
Size and Weight :

Kendrick Extrication Device (KED)
Applications and Features:
Used for immobilizing and extricating patients from auto accidents or confined spaces, crevase rescue etc. Immobilizes, head and neck, enabling prompt extrication while minimizing risks of further injury. X-rays or advanced life support procedures can be performed with the K.E.D in place.

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