Hyperbaric Chambers (Gamow Bag, PAC, Certec Bag )

Several portable hyperbaric chambers are now available, and are very helpful in treating severe forms of altitude illness. They all are all similar to the extent that they are air-impermeable bags that completely enclose the patient, and are inflated to a significant pressure above ambient atmospheric. This effects a physiological "descent." This can be demonstrated with an altimeter inside the bag, and marked improvements in oxygen saturation are measurable with a pulse oximeter. The extent of the descent depends on the altitude at which the bag is used; as an example, at 4250m (14,000 ft), the inside of the bag is equivalent to 2100m (7,000 ft). Experience has shown that HAPE typically requires 2-4 hours of hyperbaric treatment, and HACE typically requires 4-6 hours of hyperbaric treatment.

Its very common to see Gamow Bag,PAC or Certec Bag being sent on treks and expeditions by many trekking and expedition operators for the safety to their clients. Its very important for the field staffs to know the proper use and handling of this product in treating altitude illness to do more good then harm. This training will prepare participants to confidently use Gammow,PAC or Certec when the need arises to treat people suffering from severe altitude illness.

Course Outline:

    The training include the following topics:

  • History and Invention of the product
  • Proper handling and storage
  • Treatment protocols – Indication/Contraindication
  • Treatment method
  • Advantages /Disadvantages
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