• HM Alumni are the post graduate student of the Himalayan Medics being graduated doing different courses with it. Once the student graduates he/she will be entitled as alumni and can have access to following benefits.


  • Will always be invited as a responder / team member to be part of any event that Himalayan Medics will participate in for more practical learning.
  • Will get a chance to participate as a student/ Instructor and refresh the skills by joining other course, as per their reference with the previous course that they have done with HM, run by Himalayan Medics. For this, once the event is out or published by HM on their website and social Medias, Alumni has to send a request email for the participation.
  • Will be offered with discounts on any other courses run by Himalayan Medics.

Name: Millicent Thapa
Occupation: Trekking and day hike guide.

“I lead high altitude treks, short backpacking trips, and day hikes in China.
I think that WFR training is always useful even though we hope that things will go well and that we'll never have to use it.
I work freelance for Beijing Hikers (www.beijinghikers.com) and recently starting guiding treks for KE Adventure travel (www.keadventure.com)”



Name : Evan Thomas Stout
Occupation: Public Health Student, Musician, and Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician.

“The training I Received from WMI/NOLS has been invaluable. I was refreshed on many techniques, and learned a great deal about wilderness medicine. I would recommend a WFR course to anyone and everyone who is interested. This course was one of the best experiences of my life. I am confident I will use the skills that I learned, and maintain friendships I made here, for the rest of my life”


Name :Ang Gyaljen Sherpa
Occupation : Mountain Guide (Freelance)

“I work for different companies in Nepal for example Adventure 6000 Pvt Ltd , Himalayan ascent Pvt Ltd, Insight Himalaya Pvt. Ltd , Beyul adventure pvt Ltd.
The training that I have received from NOLSWMI has been of great use and help for me in my personal as well as professional life from taking care of my family member to my client in high Himalayas”



Name : Shane Palko
Occupation : Internationally touring musician and environment al educator

“I am from from Pennsylvania, USA. I lead trips for students within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. The skill-set received from the training has given me the ability to care for students during multiple day educational trips that entail outdoor exploration”
Website: www.shanepalko.com



Name: Sange Dorjee:
Occupation: Climbing Sherpa and Sirdar

“I am from Khumjung and have been working as Climbing Sherpa and now Climbing Sirdar for Adventure Consultants since 2008.
I have summited Everest 8 times and Cho You 3 times. I got qualified as a NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute First Responder in 2015 and these skills have been invaluable in my role with Adventure Consultants”


Name: Passang Bhote
Occupation: Climbing Sherpa

“I joined the AC team in 2006 and I have been working as one of the key member of the AC team of Climbing Sherpa ever since. I got qualified as a NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute First Responder in 2015 and have found these skills invaluable in my role with Adventure Consultants”



Name: Jagan Nath Timilsina
Occupation: Guide (Trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking, canyoning) and solo paragliding pilot

“The training has been very use full for my profession as well as daily life, especially during earthquake rescue in 2015”

Website: www.freedomadventuretreks.com



Name: Anuj Adhikary
Occupation: Mountain bike race coordinator/ Professional photographer/ writer / Co – owner/ Founder of Gnarly Pvt Ltd

“I run mountain biking company Gnarly, based in Nepal. Though mostly organizing races and trips, I am also involved in photography and writing assignments based on Adventure. WFR Course that I took with Himalayan Medics has been incredibly beneficial in my line of work, where risks of injury are aplenty. Himalayan Medics did a commendable task of introducing this valuable course to people involved in adventure”


Name: Binod Rai
Occupation: Tourism Entrepreneur/Region Country Director (Waves for Water)

“I organize of adventure travel in Nepal Himalaya / Logistics & Training for a Water Filter Program in Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, India & China
It has given me more confidence at work and recently it helped me care of my own self when I severed my right index finger”



Name: Shyam Limbu
Occupation: Mountain bike Guide/Race Director for MTB biking race event / Co-owner / Founder of Gnarly Pvt Ltd

“As per the nature of our work, we often travel to the Himalayas and host various race events every year. Our training in this regard has given us enough confidence and skills to handle any circumstances in any given situation. Thanks to Himalayan Medics and NOLS. I am confident in dealing with any given circumstances, from AMS to Heat Stroke, Broken bones to Choking and many more.

One of the highlights during the course, A helicopter was bought for the participants to get some first hand experience on how we evacuate, how we should signal the chopper, safety instructions on how should we proceed, important functions of the chopper etc. which was great”

Website: www.gnarlybikings.com


Name: Rajesh Lama
Occupation: Trekking guide/ Emergency Responder

The Wilderness NOLS WMI Wilderness First Responder Course that i took via Himalayan Medics has been of great use for me. It just not helps me keep my clients safe in Himalayas but also my friends and main importantly myself.

This skills came in great use in last devastating earthquake we had in Nepal to treat and help people. This is a life changing course and i would recommend it to anybody, esp to outdoor professional.

Website: www.lamawalks.com

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